Our advantages

Goldenport desires and cares about the existence of new generation seafarers in their vessels, promoting seamen upon receipt of their licenses and closely monitoring and supporting their carrer development all the way up to professional accomplishment.

We are a highly reputed company throughout shipping market, where, all seamen’s allowances are deposited in their account before end of month.

The majority of Goldenport superiors and staff are highly sea-experienced persons, well-acquainted with key points of shipping sector and constantly are on their seamen’s side in every respect, in and out of the vessel, thus creating a sound  collaboration for the most desirable results.

The capability and good performance of every seaman is fairly awarded by an efficient system adopted by the company.

Our main advantages can be summarised as following:

  • stable work and salary
  • possibility of quarry growth
  • payment of salary in time
  • employment free of charge
  • stable growth of ships' number
  • full MLC compliance
  • internet facilities on board our vessels

Important notice

Dear Seafarers,

Please be advised that "Goldenport Odessa" has offices in Odessa and Mariupol only.
The company doesn't have any other crewing agencies or brokers in Kheron, Nikolaev, Kerch, Sevastopol or elsewhere in Ukraine.

Please be guided that all crewing services provided by Goldenport Odessa are free of charge.

If interested for employment, please contact directly our offices in Odessa or Mriupol by phones or e-mail as indicated on our site only.