Services of the company

Our dedicated crew management and staff deploys a broad range of activities covering the recruitment, selection, deployment, training and ongoing management of the officers and crew members who chose to work and evolve within our company.

These services are undertaken by a dedicated and proficient staff with proven track record, located in both Ukraine where the majority of our employed seafarers reside (other being Russian nationality crew members) and also in our company’s Head Office in Greece where the crew planning and deployment is being made.

Other services undertaken by our company include

  • Arrangement of registration (free of charge)
  • Arrangement of all necessary Flag endorsements
  • Checking the authenticity of all necessary documents
  • Testing of professional skills and knowledge
  • Verification of English knowledge (interview)
  • Consultative services
  • Informative services

On these terms, our company tries to offer the best possible working environment for crew members, career opportunities and at the same time diminish waiting times for crew members who seek immediate employment.

Important notice

Dear Seafarers,

Please be advised that "Goldenport Odessa" has offices in Odessa and Mariupol only.
The company doesn't have any other crewing agencies or brokers in Kheron, Nikolaev, Kerch, Sevastopol or elsewhere in Ukraine.

Please be guided that all crewing services provided by Goldenport Odessa are free of charge.

If interested for employment, please contact directly our offices in Odessa or Mriupol by phones or e-mail as indicated on our site only.